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Archive for January 20, 2009

Wadi Faynan and the Archaeology of Jordan

Last weekend (on Saturday) I had the great privilege to go on a great trip to Wadi Faynan in Jordan.  The trip was supposed to include a couple of friends living in Jordan, one from US and one from UK, but both fluent in Arabic.  Unfortunately, our friend (Chris Dawson) from UK could not make it, so only two of us drove by the ‘Cities of the Plain’ east of the Dead Sea to our destination (about 3 hrs).

When we got close to Wadi Faynan we stopped in an Arab village and Mark (the friend from US married to a Jordanian) started to negotiate for a truck to take us to Khirbat en-Nahas and a few other places.  After about 1 hour of searching and negotiations we found just the right person and truck (a Toyota 4×4) to take us there.  Our rental, given the difficult terrain, had no chance to make it that far.