Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the voice of His Servant?


Like Abraham (or like the bedouins) – we have been travelling for the past few weeks.  Seoul-Beijing-LA…and now Phoenix, AZ.  We learn and see new things almost every day, with no chance whatsoever of getting a sane schedule for ourselves or the children.  By God’s grace we manage, and we enjoy very much seeing many of our dear friends and family.

We are on our way to North Carolina where we will be spending a good part of the Sabbatical [Sabbatical is misleading! :)].  So, much of our trip is still ahead…New Mexico, Oklahoma City (visiting a beloved cousin)…Nashville (yes Dani we are coming, prepare the fattened [better the ‘lean’] calf) etc.

It is exciting and tiring to travel at the same time, and there are new things to see, old friends to reconnect with, and new friends to make.

I wonder what Abraham’s life was like.  I know that it was certainly slower and more predictable, despite the lengthy travels.

If there is no coherence to this message, it is because there is no coherence to my days…2 small boys in the same room (right now they are intentionally crowding in the same bed :)), various errands to run,…I better sign out before the house burns (Isaiah got out of the portable bed and is waving a match before my eyes!)!

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